Thursday, 23 April 2009

India as a soft state.

India is a soft state is proved time and again by the policies of the politicians barring Indira Gandhi.
  What else you can say when a past Prime minister was killed by a terrorist out fit and Indian goverement did nothing against that outfit and when a defence minister himself hands over the terrorist and that too in other country .
  Indian politicians and we people too are responcible for that as we choose that politicians again and again.
  India and Indians are a passive country as is also proved
 by the fact that we are unable to sign the atomic deal with America which most knowledgeable people and scientist feel is good for our country .
  Indian parties are fighting over pota but too put pota on someone first you have to find the culprits but where are they ? From last few years terrorist has implimented same method and same type off target area but did we caught any real terrerorist behind these blast ? why?
  Because none of the parties like Congress or Bjp has any thing to do with India what you say about other parties 
Communist or BSp or Dmk? 
  Why government has not yet formulated a mechanism too 
 figt against terrorism or why Government has yet not decided to form a central agencies to combact internal sequrity matters ? Because we the comman peoples life is 
very small price on which these politicians want Power whatever happens too comman people they don`t mind . 
  Because we comman people are too much ingaged in catses and religion to aggigate for such purpose. Because We the comman people don`t care for our motherland and nor we aspire too see India as a true world power.
  So its our mistake and India Politician can`t think other then how to come to power and we people don`t demand enough for our sequrity and mostly we don`t demand anything for our Country.[ Irony is that we call country as mother].

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