Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Sunil Sawara: Unique comedy with a message – Aalok Bhattacharya

Sunil Sawara: Unique comedy with a message – Aalok Bhattacharya
Sunil Sawara makes you laugh.  This is a ‘Pious job he does with a commitment. In an era, when people have almost forgotten to laugh, no one has time to laugh, everyone is running madly after so many things which give them nothing but tension, everyone is living a life full of stress. Sunil Sawara makes you laugh with his unique comedy, comedy positive, creative and classic.  A full course of Sunil’s comedy makes fresh giving you decent entertainment of good taste.  Enjoying highest popularity worldwide as a comic artist, Sunil’s sensibility give him a highly regarded position of a comedy artist, not more joker.  His confidence, intellect presence of mind, stage appearance makes him as renowned artist.
Sunil is an multi-talented artists.  Actually he is born to create and serve Art.  He is a poet of emotional values.  He writes in Hindi. He is also a responsible journalist contributing article on art, culture, literature and on socio-economical affairs for the leading Hindi dailies and periodicals.  He has command over Hindi language.  His literally talent boosts his comic item to a realistic level, where audience of class and man both get full satisfaction with a range of performance.
Sunil Sawara is a wonderful mimicry Artist.  This makes his comedy live and joyful, acceptable and worth.
He is winner of so many TV comedy and laughter, social competitions like comedy challenge, comedy circus, etc. keep on performing on TV, Radio and recently in some Hindi movie.
Sunil is an energetic good looking young man receiving the society at large through his talent.  A very prosperous shinning, popular future of high honour is waiting ahead for Sybil.
Keep it up Sunil. Cheers. Keep laughing and continue make laughing and making people laugh is worshiping God!

DR.manish kumar mishra

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