Friday, 16 April 2010


1. You are a star in your own field of

__I am not a star but I think I am working in field of education with best of my capacities.  as a social worker also I do my best for needy people. ____

___2. Was there a turning point in your life? If yes please share with us this turning point       in your life and how it affected you?___
 At the movement you decide to do something,that is the turning point of your life.always be ready to face the problem .____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________3. How do you balance your family life with your professional life?__I am happy to say that in a city like mambo,I have my joint family.this unity of family provides me energy and confidence to balance the said above. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
4. What are your favorite leisure time activities?

___reading and playing _
5. What are your personal beliefs on current events and the changing educational scenario which talk about reducing stress on students using the continuous grading system and doing away with board exams?

__over all social-political and cultural scenario of the country is not very satisfactory.but at the same time we have to create the way from the same. Education and our rich cultural values are the tools to make our own destiny .as for as change in our education system is concerned I am fully agree with the same . .__________________________________________________________________


6. In the age of fast food and technology all of us want to achieve success at the click
   of a mouse. What is your advice to the younger generation?

____MY dear friends there is no short cut for the success.hard work is the only way to get the same . _______

7. Have you been inspired by any book?

____yes,I  am very much inspired by stories of PREMCHAND and SHRIMAD BHAGVAT GEETA ._______________________________________________________________

8. Could you share the most memorable experience and the most  bitter experience of
    your  life. How have these contributed to your success?

___most bitter experience of my life is when I have lost my father and memorable one is still awaited . __________________________________________________________________
9. Whom do you revere the most/who would you like to thank in your personal and
    professional life? Why?
My father ,because I think most important lessons of life ,I have learned from him.

10. What has been your success mantra? What is the ATM (any time mantra) of your
HARD WORK is my success mantra.

11. What are the current projects/recent business ventures, and community service  
      activities you are working on?
Right now iam working on a project to start a M.B.A college(ADMISSION WITHOUT DONATION ) in kalyan,at the same time I am also willing to start a ASHRMSHALA for poor students,those who are living in  slum areas of kalyan and one OLD PEOPLE HOUSE in kalyan.

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