Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The plight of Hindi

The plight of Hindi is that in spite of more then 50% of the population either speak hindi or understand hindi ,there is little pride associated with it. why?
For instance A Maharastra .a Karantaka , a Tamilnadu and its people took pride in speaking there language but making it sure slowly and gradully that there language should be used by everyone who resides in these parts ,But can you say same about Hindi certainly not .
Take for instance the oath ceromony of minister is taking place in Delhi yes our capital but how many of the ministers took oath in Hindi ?And did there was even a tiny bubble in any part of the country ? No why ?
In Tamilnadu or in Karnataka or in West Bangal they want every should talk in there languge or local language and Hindi is the local language of Delhi forget about it as RAj BHASA we hardly have pride left for anything Indian but what about the local aispiration of the people that they say in Tamilnadu or in Karnataka why these minister didn`t take oath in Hindi ?
As for as electronic media is concern these people are beref of thinking and Indian pride the less we said about them the better .

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