Saturday, 16 May 2009

The election and its verdict

The no. of seats congress [200+] is a big surprise for every one even for die hard congress followers.Where did BJP and other parties went wrong ?
I have my view on this .
There are no of factors which can be attributed for this success of congress. The acceptance of Mr. Manmohan singh as able administrator , his clean image and the toughness shown on Nuclear issue has very vital role in it.The biggest blunder BJP made was targeting of Mr. Manmohan singh as weak Prime minister And personal attack on him by BJP .
And then the rise of Mr. Rahul Gandhi as youth leader and his master stroke of Going solo in U.P. and Bihar .There were many regional issues like MNS in Maharashtra Tamil issue and many other factors .
But one of the major trend is also to go for a government which is pro growth that's a welcome change . Other important thing is rise of national parties or other word leaning of people towards a two national parties Congress and BJP. In-spite of setbacks BJP has done well in no of states .

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