Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Need to have Nationilist view

One of the most urgent requirement of today along with inclusive growth is growing the seed on nationalism in our youth who form more than 50 % of our population .
The politicians of last generation barring few exception has shown the seed of regionalism in their respective state not on any thing positive or positively promoting their regional culture instead they
Spilled venom of divide and negativity of regionalism .Just visit any site or go to any blog one will find the youth indulging and trying to promote regionalism that to without fully understanding the truth and further increasing the regionalism to a new low which is very bad sign and politicians escalating the regionalism in their own way for their vote bank .
These youth who are brilliant in their own way need some guidance and we must find a way I our books and seminars which are fashion today to promote and instill nationalism which should rule over every thing , caste ,religion, region , belief and language and also installing in them our core value of tolerance and freedom of speech .

Another thing which must be done in order to promote harmony between different religion and languages is to make a minor change in our constitution that should say that ‘’ INDIA IS A HINDU NATION WHICH FOLLOWS SECULARISM ‘’and stating that ‘’ Hindi is our national language and Hindi and English will continue to be used as link language till it seems necessary but every concrete effort should be made to promote Hindi in all the parts of the country along with promotion of state language in their respective states.’’
This will solve a lot of the problem . In Hinduism sikkhism , Janism and buddism should be considered as an integral part with their distinct identity.
These two thing will solve a lot of problem and prevent a lot of bloodbath and will minimise the rise of regionalism and religionalism to a great extent.
That nationalism should come first over any thing then promoting divide by saying make Hinduism as national religion and Hindi as National language but I beg to differ .
But this too should be taken to people in constrictive way and our intelligentsia and by our media .

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