Saturday, 21 November 2009

Attack on office of IBN LOKMAT.

Shiv Sena activist attacked the office of the IBN a very sad thing which happened and the more we condemn it is the less.
But lets look it through MAHARASTRA `S perspective and through the perspective of SHIV SENA LEADERSHIP . MAHARASTRA has a history of violence against any one who stood against the wishes of Shiv sena leadership particularly Thakare family .And all these years what does the media did against such unconstitutional act of vandalism and goondagardi of SHIV SENA ? Nothing more than weak protest and mostly justifying it on the name of MAHARASTRIAN ASMITA.
Even in last year or so when MNS PEOPLE were on rampage and thousand of migrant north Indians has to flee from MAHARASTRA and even when the people were pulled out of their house children, women and man beaten up ; What did Marathi media did ? Nothing just tried to justify it and gave undue coverage to Raj Thakre .Those people who were helplessly beaten up on the street or pulled up from their home or offices and who were some how earning their livelihood making their both ends meet Didn`t deserve the attention of Marathi media the plight and anguish of these people were never heard or told by this very media and why they are making such hue and cry about pushed around and of few glasses broken even though they didn`t have to left their job or they didn`t have to migrate to their home town in SATARA or NANDED or any where else ?
What`s so drastic happened now which didn`t happened to those poor people with much much more implications and consequences which deserve such rage of media now which they didn`t feel when happen to those North Indian people ?
Second as important question didn`t it’s a fact what SHIV SENA is saying that IBN LOKMAT in particular and Marathi media in general was biased towards MNS and RAJ Thakre and was more then justifying the act of vandalism and politics of hate which Raj Thakare was trying to sell to the normal peace loving Maharastrian . Isn`t it the truth that the this very media people helped Raj Thakre in every possible way to get the votes he got in this election ? Didn`t it a fact that Uddhav Thakare who really worked hard and was heaving more rational approach to the things was purposely ignored by the Marathi media and they tried to burry his good work in deep soil and constantly criticized him even for his good work .
Media in particular IBN MARATHI must ponder what they have been doing and lets hope they can draw positive conclusion of it.

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