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two days national seminar on impact of urbanization

. K.M.Agrawal degree college of Arts,Commerce & Science, Kalyan was established in 1994 through dedicated efforts of Hindi Bhashi Jankalyan Shikshan Sanstha, Kalyan which was founded in 1993 by the eminent pesonalities of Kalyan. The College is permanently affilated to University Of Mumbai with National Assessment & Acceredition Council(NAAC), rating of B+. The College has present strength of more than 5500 students.The College Governing Council has also started a Junior College from the Academic Year 1999-2000 on permanently non-granted basis.In addition to regular course our Degree College also started B.Sc (Computer Science), B.Sc (Information Technology), B.Sc (Physics), Certificate Course in Basic Accountancy, Computerized Accounting, Add on Certificate Course inComputer Application, Travel & Tourism Managements, etc. The College has become well-known institute in University &surrounding area.  
                              We are pleased to inform you that we are organizing two day U.G.C. sponsored national seminar in our college on 24th January 2011 to 25th January 2011.Urbanization or urbanisation is the increase over time in the population of cities in relation to the region's rural population. Urbanization refers to a process in which an increasing proportion of an entire population lives in cities and the suburbs of cities.  Historically, it has been closely connected with industrialization.  When more and more inanimate sources of energy were used to enhance human productivity (industrialization), surpluses increased in both agriculture and industry.  Larger and larger proportions of a population could live in cities.   Economic forces were such that cities became the ideal places to locate factories and their workers. 
                              The Indian Economy has been one of the fastest growing  economies of the world. Real India is rural India, but urban areas are more developed and industrialized than the rural areas. The basic needs attract the people to the urban areas. All the facilities like - transport services, housing, hospital, education, drainage facilities as well as more production of other goods are available in urban areas. But there are good and bad impacts of these facilities or economic, political, social, cultural and environmental factors also. Every year College conducts various activities of environment awareness under NSS, NCC .As a part of urbanization, we are using the resources either collectively or individually. In the modern world of changing  life Style, we can think of various small actions which can be made more rational and sustainable towards the environment and nature. And that is the main purpose of this seminar.

Objectives of the Seminar:
1.     To improve the economy
2.     Good utilization of resources
3.     Social awareness
4.     To focus on the various problems released to urbanization
5.     Suggest the measures.
Sub-topics of the main topic of seminar:
         1.Impact of urbanization on rural India
         2.Impact  of urbanization on Art,litrature and culture of India.

         3.  Impact of urbanization on industrial development of India .
         4.Impact of urbanization on regional and central politics of India.
         5. Impact of urbanization on structure and function of urban families of India.
         6.Impact of urbanization on global warming /climate.
         7.Impact o urbanization on economical development of India.
         8-Impact of urbanization on environment.
         9.Impact of urbanization on Agriculture of India.
       10.Impact of urbanization on Tribal areas of India .
       11.Impact of urbanization on Religion, cast,customs and Tradition.
       12.Impact of urbanization on crime and judicial system of India.
                                   so if you are willing to participate or present a research paper then please contact to DR. MANISH ON 9324790726 OR E-MAIL ON

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  1. Be precise and coherent for obectives and sub-topics. Urbanisation and its impact on psychology--may be considered as one of the areas to be covered in this seminar. Dr R B SINGH-VICE PRINCIPAL


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