Thursday, 28 October 2010


Soul has no impression except when it plays with matter.We are all souls with body not bodies with soul.Consciousness of soul, as depicted in Vedas and Upanishads, is non-physical yet it is behind all lives.
Simply concentrate on one thing, a single object or word.Repeat it silently, do it with a substrate of incoming and outgoing breath.You will see and feel sparkles, this is some sort of realization.Whenever you do it, give yourself fully and do not allow thoughts and commitments of mind.Know from where you think and analyse the thinking mind.It is said when our sense organs become dilated and ineffective in darkness it is sleep but when they are lost in light it is deep meditation and beginning enlightenment.
Our mind, body and the whole world emanate in soul which is comparable to a faculty of mind and there only they get extinguished also.It is mind which gives birth to the view and the viewer.Concentration on incoming and outgoing breath gradually removes commitments of the so called mind and finally doer ship is dilated.It is sure to kill the desire of pleasure gradually in our life and good deed will automatically come in.Thus your work will become vehicle to realize the truth.It is selfless work synonym of salvation.

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