Thursday, 28 October 2010

Peace Be On Him

Peace Be On Him

Mohammad, peace be on his name, was born on 22nd April 571 AD and died on 8th June 632 AD.Tolerance, forbearance, truthfulness, understanding of men and matters were exhibited in his personality since childhood.He has a very balanced personality and noble example of greatness.He was called the unfailing trustee, al-amin.No criticism provoked him nor any praise made him vein.He was a great non-confrontationist and removed away from the area of conflict and diverted his energies to the peaceful purposes only.
After his marriage it is said that he always remained thoughtful and sought the answers to the questions irresistibly arising within him-reality among all appearance of the world, to what aim I am destined, has my life a purpose and where from I came, were some of them.
After discovery, this answer can be composed out of his vision, sayings and his works.Lord has commanded certain things:-
* Fear god openly and secretly
* Follow justice even in the state of anger.
* Moderation in poverty and affluence.
* To affiliate with those who can asunder friendship,
* Forgive oppressors.
* Silence of meditation.
* Speech of remembrances of God.
* See for admonition only.
These are the words in which life of Mohammad Sahib is reflected and exhibited.
He also emphasised that a gentleman should have some moments of his own in which he should commune with God, moment when he is his own assessor and visionary of what is going on and what has to come.The prophet of Islam was a man quite like other men on this Earth but certainly he was more human, humane, forgiving and special because of this perfection.Things of joy must have pleased him while sad things must have sadden but his humanness would have never exceeded limits fixed by God.Whenever he was sorry and weeping and there was anguish in his heart, he never said anything that may displease God.He never asserted distinction over his companions and said that it is first lesson of his faith.
Mohammad Sahib spoke very little and called himself servant of God.Fear of God never left him and he was always a picture of humanity and weakness.The truth he revealed was that the universe did not spring up by itself, it is creation of God.The death does not make a man extinct, it is a gateway for permanent life for good doing people and hell for evil doers.You will die as sleep and wake up at dawn, only you have to render account of your deeds.It goes to prove that relationship between God and man demands constant fear of God and consciousness of it hereafter, seeing his sign in every particle and believing that final reference of all matter is to God.The obsession of greatness of God should be such that our own importance appears ridiculous to us.

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