Thursday, 28 October 2010

Applied Love

Applied Love

Life is exhibited by love, inspiration, faith and encouragement. Test of success of life is loving not winning. Then what is life? Life is ceaseless pouring which makes blossom possible in this world. It is identified and acted upon by love.The love which does not rely on physical eyes so it is also called blind infact conscious love lights weary world.
God ignores nothing in the creation but what can never be ignored by god is perhaps faith. Faith had power to see the invisible, believe the incredible and finally receives what is otherwise impossible. That is why faith givers and hope makers live forever in the society and history where everything else even the glorious and most successful are like air bubbles in the water tank. Prosperity, hatred and proud kill eternal piece, real happiness and true love.If there is a heaven, it is resevered for peaceful and loving. Let us make life not living discarding rules and values which are not ours.

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