Monday, 31 August 2015

Conference Alerts से जाने होनेवाली संगोष्ठियों के बारे में

Innovation World Cup Conference NEUCHÂTEL 
2nd September 2015 
Neuchâtel, Switzerland
Nordic Digital Business Summit 
24th September 2015 
Helsinki, Finland
Automated Truck Conference 
21st October 2015 
Stuttgart, Germany
2nd International Conference on Recent Developments in Science, Engineering and Technology (REDSET 2015) 
30th October 2015 
Gurgaon, India
Cambridge Graphene Days 2015 
5th November 2015 
Cambridge, United Kingdom
HPAPI World Congress 
11th November 2015 
Basel, Switzerland
18th November 2015 
London, United Kingdom
Arabian Tunnelling Conference 
23rd November 2015 
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
International Conference on Advanced Material Engineering & Technology (ICAMET 2015) 
4th December 2015 
Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2nd International Conference on Advances in Engineering , Science and Technology 
12th December 2015 
Phuket, Thailand
2016 International Conference on Law, Patent, and Technology (ICLPT 2016) 
19th January 2016 
Bangkok, Thailand
35th IHS CERAWeek 
22nd February 2016 
Houston, United States of America
The International Conference on Innovations in Intelligent Systems and Computing Technologies 
24th February 2016 
Las Piñas, Philippines
INTED2016 (10th annual International Technology, Education and Development Conference) 
7th March 2016 
Valencia, Spain
Point-of-Care Diagnostics 
10th March 2016 
San Francisco, United States of America
ACTC2016 - The Asian Conference on Technology in the Classroom 2016 
28th April 2016 
Kobe, Japan
2016 Hwa Kang International Conference on English Language & Literature 
30th April 2016 
Taipei, Taiwan
September 2015
1stInternational Conference on Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technology 2015 (ICFCHT2015) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2ndInnovation World Cup Conference NEUCHÂTEL Neuchâtel, Switzerland
5thInternational Symposium On Allied Health Sciences 2015 Kota Bharu, Malaysia
8th4th Annual ITS and Road Safety Forum Qatar Doha, Qatar
8th2015 2nd International Postgraduate Conference on Science and Technology Langkawi, Malaysia
8thIMCAST 2015 Boston, United States of America
8th2015 World Conference on Innovation, Engineering, and Technology Kyoto, Japan
9thConverged IT Summit San Francisco, United States of America
10thWT | Wearable Technologies Conference Toronto Toronto, Canada
12thIWIE-2015, 2nd International Workshop on Industrial EngineeringIstanbul, Turkey
12thIWAE-2015, 2nd International Workshop on Aerospace EngineeringIstanbul, Turkey
12thIWMSE-2015, 2nd International Workshop on Material Science and Engineering Istanbul, Turkey
16thGraphene 2015: Engineering a 21st Century Wonder MaterialWestminster, United Kingdom
17th13th Students' Science Conference Wroclaw, Poland
17thASEAN Retail Congress 2015 Bangkok, Thailand
17thSymfonyLive London 2015 London, United Kingdom
18thInternational Conference on Management and Information Systems (ICMIS-15) Bangkok, Thailand
18thInternational Conference on Material Engineering and Technology 2015 Bandung, Indonesia
18thBest Practices in Academic Technology: Toward a Liberatory Pedagogical Practice Brooklyn, United States of America
19th10th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE on Innovative Trends in Soft-computing, E-Learning, Information & Communication Technology (ITSEICT– 2015) New Delhi, India
20thInternational Business and Technology Conference 2015 Bandung, Indonesia
21stIC-STAR 2015 - The 1st International Conference on Science, Technology and Interdisciplinary Research Bandar Lampung, Indonesia
22ndLearning Without Borders Conference Minneapolis, United States of America
23rd“Technological, Modelling and Experimental Achievements in Energy Generation Systems” - The 5th International Conference & Workshop REMOO-2015 Budva - Coastal town on the Adriatic Sea, Montenegro
24thNordic Digital Business Summit Helsinki, Finland
24thTranslingua Bydgoszcz, Poland
25thCoGEN: Controversies in preconception, preimplantation and prenatal genetic diagnosis: How will genetics technology drive the future? Paris, France
25thGlobal Symposium on Information and Network SecurityRiverside, United States of America
27th2nd International Festival of Science, Technology, Engineering & Math 2015 Prairieland Park Trade and Convention Centre, 503 Ruth Street West, Saskatoon, S7J0S6, Canada
27thICCE2015 : 14th International Conference on Clean EnergySaskatoon, Canada
27th2nd Global Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Education and Innovation Conference Saskatoon, Canada
28thIntegrate 2015 Conference + Expo Santa Clara, United States of America
October 2015
1stSemiotic Society of America 40th Annual Meeting Pittsburgh, United States of America
1stInternational Conference on Language Learning and Teaching (ICoLLT) 2015 Kuantan, Malaysia
2ndThe Teaching Professor Technology Conference New Orleans, United States of America
5thInternational Conference on Textiles & Manufacturing ExpoPhiladelphia, United States of America
5thS&S 2015 - International Conference Senses & Sensibility in Lisbon, Design as a Trade Lisboa, Portugal
7thUNIMAS STEM Engineering Conference 2015 Kuching, Malaysia
8thAcademics World-7th International Academic Conference on Development in Science and Technology (IACDST-2015) Athens, Greece
9thInterdisciplinary Research Regional Conference Puerto Princesa City, Philippines
11thMalaysian Technical Universities Conference on Engineering and Technology 2015 (MUCET2015) Johor Bahru, Malaysia
12thWT | Wearable Technologies Conference Hong Kong Hong Kong, China
13thHealth Care in the Middle East Summit 2015 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
13thAsia Downstream Week Bangkok, Thailand
13thInternational Conference on Smart Grids for Smart Cities Toronto, Canada
15th5th World Conference on Educational Technology ResearchesKyrenia, Cyprus
17thNational Postgraduate Conference on Science and TechnologyPahang, Malaysia
21stACSET2015 - The Third Asian Conference on Society, Education and Technology Kobe, Japan
21stAutomated Truck Conference Stuttgart, Germany
21stCancer Innovation Congress 2015 London, United Kingdom
22ndInternational Academic Conference (IAC 2015) Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia
23rdEDASOL 2015 - Economic development and standard of livingBANJA LUKA, Bosnia and Herzegovina
23rdThe 5th World Congress on Engineering and Technology (CET 2015) Suzhou, China
24th2nd International conference on Emerging Technologies Micro to Nano (ETMN-2015) Jaipur, India
25th2015 Academic OASIS – LAS VEGAS International Multidisciplinary Academic Conference: Promoting Research Advancements and Worldwide Progress LAS VEGAS, The Stratosphere Hotel & Tower, United States of America
27thCFO Summit Sydney, Australia
27thCOO Summit Sydney, Australia
27thImproving STEM Education & Skills Outcomes CQ Functions, 113 Queen Street, Melbourne, 3000, Australia
27thHR TECH X Sydney, Australia
27thLearning @ Work Sydney, Australia
28thFT Digital Health Summit USA 2015 New York, United States of America
30th2nd International Conference on Recent Developments in Science, Engineering and Technology (REDSET 2015) Gurgaon, India
30thInternational Conference on Engineering, Science and Technology 2015 Cebu, Philippines
November 2015
3rd16th Asian Bioethics Conference Quezon City, Philippines
4thThe Energy Summit 2015 London, United Kingdom
5thCambridge Graphene Days 2015 Cambridge, United Kingdom
5thACTIS 2015 - The Asian Conference on Technology, Information and Society Kobe, Japan
8thMEMRISYS 2015 (International Conference on Memristive Systems) Paphos, Cyprus
10thCONNECTIONS Europe 2015 Amsterdam, Netherlands
10th2015 International Conference on Engineering, Technology, and Applied Science - Fall Session (ICETA 2015-Fall) Nagoya, Japan
10th2015 International Conference on Technology and Environmental Science (ICTES) Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
11thHPAPI World Congress Basel, Switzerland
16thImproving Healthcare International Convention Melbourne, Australia
16thAcademics World-8th International Academic Conference on Development in Science and Technology (IACDST-2015) Chicago, United States of America
16thDesert Technology 12th International Conference DT12 Cairo, Egypt
16thICERI2015 Seville, Spain
16thAsia-Pacific Conference on Environmental Sciences and Engineering Dubai, United Arab Emirates
18thIoT WORLD FORUM 2015 London, United Kingdom
19thThe International Conference on Innovations, Shifts and Challenges (ICISC) in Learning & Teaching 2015 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
20thInDialog - 2nd International Conference Community Interpreting in Dialogue with Technology Berlin, Germany
20thInternational Conference on Applied Sciences and Technology (ICAST 2015) Makassar, Indonesia
20thSELTH 2015 - Society, Economy, Law, Technology and Humanity International Scientific Conference Sibiu, Romania
21st8th International Conference on Science, Mathematics and Technology Education Jakarta, Indonesia
23rdArabian Tunnelling Conference Dubai, United Arab Emirates
24thTourism Egypt 2015 Cairo, Egypt
27thAcademics World-9th International Academic Conference on Development in Science and Technology (IACDST-2015) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
30thAsian Association of Open University Conference (2015) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
December 2015
2ndoeb 2015 - 21st the global, cross-sector conference on technology supported learning and training Berlin, Germany
4thInternational Research Colloquium in Educational TechnologyHong Kong, Hong Kong
4thInternational Conference on Advanced Material Engineering & Technology (ICAMET 2015) Kaohsiung, Taiwan
7thUKOUG Applications Conference & Exhibition 2015 Birmingham, United Kingdom
8thOil & Gas Non-Metallics 2015 London, United Kingdom
10thAcademics World-10th International Academic Conference on Development in Science and Technology (IACDST-2015) Istanbul, Turkey
12th2nd International Conference on Advances in Engineering , Science and Technology Phuket, Thailand
14thNavigating the Future of Information Technology Residenza di Ripetta, Via di Ripetta, 231, ROME, 00186, Italy
27thISER- International Conference on Applied Science and Technology (ICAST) London, United Kingdom
30thThe IRES -9th International Conferences on Metallurgy Technology and Materials (ICMTM) Dubai, United Arab Emirates
January 2016
2nd2016 ACADEMIC OASIS/IAABR - MIAMI BEACH International Multidisciplinary Academic Conference: Promoting Global Progress and Excellence in AcademiaMIAMI BEACH, United States of America
19th2016 International Conference on Law, Patent, and Technology (ICLPT 2016) Bangkok, Thailand
20thPop-Up School Boulder, United States of America
21stIntercultural Competence: Traditions & Transitions, 5th International Conference on the Development and Assessment of Intercultural Competence Tucson, United States of America
21st2016 Sustainability Conference: Urban Sustainability: Inspiration and Solution - A Common Ground Conference Portland, United States of America
30thPenang International Conference on Research Advances in Science and Technology 2016 (PICRAST 2016) Penang, Malaysia
February 2016
5thInternational Conference on Modern Engineering, Science and Technology Trivandrum, India
12th2016 Winter Global Technology Management Symposium Los Angeles, United States of America
17thIGTC: 7th International Gas Technology Conference Dubai, United Arab Emirates
17thThe 4th International Conference on Photonics, Optics and Laser Technology – PHOTOPTICS 2016 Rome, Italy
18th2016 Technology and Society Conference: Critically Approaching The Life Cycle of Technologies in the Age of the Anthropocene - A Common Ground ConferenceBuenos Aires, Argentina
18th8th Annual 21st Century Learning Conference Hong Kong, Hong Kong
20thEmerging Strides in Innovations & Skill Development: A Sustainable Perspective Varanasi, India
22nd35th IHS CERAWeek Houston, United States of America
24thThe International Conference on Innovations in Intelligent Systems and Computing Technologies Las Piñas, Philippines
25th2016 International Conference on Design Principles and Practices - A Common Ground Conference Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
26th2nd International Conference on Internet and Multimedia Technologies (ICIMT 2016) Penang, Malaysia
March 2016
7thINTED2016 (10th annual International Technology, Education and Development Conference) Valencia, Spain
10thPoint-of-Care Diagnostics San Francisco, United States of America
23rdSustainable Energy & Technology Asia (SETA 2016) Bangkok, Thailand
25thIPN - International Conference on Food processing and Technology (ICFPT 2016) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
April 2016
18thMELECON 2016 (18th IEEE Mediterranean Electrotechnical Conference) Limassol, Town in Cyprus, Cyprus
22nd2016 Spring Global Symposium on Information and Network Security Los Angeles, United States of America
28thACTC2016 - The Asian Conference on Technology in the Classroom 2016 Kobe, Japan
30th2016 Hwa Kang International Conference on English Language & Literature Taipei, Taiwan
May 2016
31stAmerican Canadian Conference for Academic Disciplines (Toronto 2016) Toronto, United States of America

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