Tuesday, 2 November 2010

India in last 25 yeras

With the advent of modern communication technologies and its rapid penetration in to ordinary Indian homes a lot of changes are taking place social ,economical , and personal .
It all begun with T.V serials but it was slow ,different characters of all shades and lifestyle were brought direct into homes .The serials like Mahabharata ,Ramayan  brought  religious  figures like Ram ,Krishna and great man like Bhisma and Arjun face to face with normal people which started certain increase of religious beliefs and then serial like Udan put aspiration in to a lot of home about their daughters but all this was slow and steady .with Arrival of new  private  channels and new types of serials a drastic change begun to appear which coincided with growing use Computer ,Internet and mobile phone and suddenly their was so much change taking place so many new avenues to know so much information available on the touch of the fingers and so much connectivity that too on the move and before we understand we were in a new world a world which is so much different from what we have seen a world for which our children ,our youth are aspiring for and that brought new life style new way of thinking and all of sudden new openness about oneself and going assertion about once sexuality .

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