Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Book on 100 Years of Indian Cinema

100 Years of Indian Cinema
To celebrate the anniversary of Indian Film Industry, we are planning to come out with a book titled ‘100 Years of Indian Cinema’ with ISBN number. For this purpose we are inviting research papers on the following broad topics. The length of the paper should be approximately 3000 words & it should reach us by 15th September 2012. The selection of the papers will be purely on merit basis & for those selected subscription fees of Rs. 1500/- will have to be paid.word limit is 3000 and language will be English only. 
1.      Silent movies
2.      Black & white movies
3.      Parallel cinema/ Art movies
4.      Mainstream Bollywood masala movie
5.      Regional cinema
6.      Animation films
7.      Remakes—(i) of Hollywood movies (ii) of old movies (iii) of regional movies
8.      Genres—(i) romantic (ii) comedy (iii) tragedy (iv) realistic (v) action (vi)crime (vii) suspense
9.      Themes—(i) love (ii) family (iii) patriotism (iv) childhood (v) physically & mentally challenged
10.  Superstars
11.  Changing technology & cinema
12.  Direction & editing
13.  Art direction
14.  Censorship
15.  Music—classical, folk, western
16.  Item songs
17.  Relationship between underworld & cinema
18.  Cinema, advertising & sponsorship
19.  Movement of film societies
20.  Racism/sexism/casteism/classism/regionalism etc. in cinema

Contact details
Dr. Manish Kumar Mishra
Dr. Manisha D. Patil

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