International Interdisciplinary Conference on Tourism and Fusion of Cultures in Goa on 10th -11th may 2016

International Interdisciplinary Two Day Conference
“Tourism and Fusion of Cultures”
(10th & 11th May 2016)
Organized by
Vyanjana - Art and Culture Society, Allahabad (Registered)
Concept Note:
We warmly welcome participants to Goa, India on 10th – 11th of May 2016. In addition to the conference there will be Cultural Event, networking and sharing opportunities with local and international supporting partners. Highly recognized individuals including tourism industry related academics, researchers, professionals will participate for this invaluable conference. Via the conference, special concern is given to the sustainable tourism practices and inclusive tourism development.
The cultural theorist Raymond Williams (1976) once described ‘culture’ as one of the most complex words in the English language, and hence one of the most difficult to define. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the idea of culture was defined in opposition to nature as a range of social, political, ethical, religious, philosophical and technical values. A number of thinkers and philosophers such as Hegel deemed cultural forms that were close to nature as being inferior to those that were linked more closely to the human spirit. The world is apparently becoming a smaller place because of instantaneous transactions and communications, increased and faster travel, and technological innovation.
Near about 150 delegates are Expected to attend the same from different part of the country and abroad. We are diligently working on bringing the most knowledgeable researchers from all over the world, as well as leaders in the industry to explore these important topics. The Organizing Committee is delighted to invite you to be the part of this International Interdisciplinary Conference.
Call for Papers:
All honourable authors are kindly encouraged to contribute to and help shape the conference through submissions of their research papers. Also, high quality research contributions describing original and unpublished results of conceptual, constructive, empirical, experimental, or theoretical work in all areas of Humanities and Social Sciences, sciences, Management are cordially invited for presentation at the conference.
Papers are allowed in English, Hindi, Marathi and Konkani Languages.
Sub Topics for Paper Writing
1. Theorizing discourses of Tourism
2. Culture, Identity and Tourism Representation
3. Issues in Cultural Tourism Studies
4. Tourism and Gastronomy
5. Communicating Local Cultures through Global Tourism
6. Cultural Heritage Tourism and Commercialization
7. Globalisation and food consumption in Tourism
8. Globalisation, Tourism and Culture
9. The rise of culinary tourism and its transformation of food cultures
10. The Experience Economy & the Innovation of Tourism Service
11. The Alternative for the Development of Tourism in Cultural Periphery
12. Tourism, mass media, and the making of visual culture
13. Community-based tourism and local culture
14. Culture and entrepreneurship
15. Tourism, religion and spiritual journeys
16. The role of nature in ecotourism
17. Research on Development Mode of Rural Tourism
18. The Cross-cultural Marketing and Tourism
19. The Fusion of Culture, Science and Technology
20. Transnational communities through global tourism
21. Mind, body and spirit: Health and wellness tourism in Asia
22. Time for intercultural communication training in the tourism and hospitality industry
23. Strategic use of information technologies in the tourism industry
24. Tourism and post colonialism: Contested discourses, identities and representations
25. Metropolitan tourism: competition, collaboration and creativity
26. Food in tourism: Attraction and impediment
27. The Cultural Conflict, Exchange and Fusion of Multi-nationality
28. Tourism and impacts on traditional culture
29. Consumer culture and postmodernism
30. Commodification of culture in fiction-induced tourism
31. Tourism Management
32. International Politics and Tourism
33. Regional Politics and Tourism
34. Literature and Tourism
35. Language and Tourism
36. Music and Tourism
37. Sports Tourism
38. Medical Tourism
39. Tourism and Global Environmental Change: Ecological, Social and Political Interrelationships
41. Tourism culture: Nexus, characteristics, context and sustainability
42. Visiting Cultures: A Critique of Tourism and Anthropology
43. Cultural tourism: Global and local perspectives
44. Tourism and Goa
45. Culture of Goa
46. Images of Goa
47. Consumer behaviour in tourism
48. Tourism and Town Planning
49. Economic Development and Tourism
50. Tourism, Shopping, and Retailing
51. Tourism and Psychology
52. Religion and identity in India's heritage tourism
53. Tourism, nation and power
54. Literary tourism as a promoter of cultural heritage
55. History and tourism: Intertextual representations
56. Tourism as an Anthropological Subject
57. The negative image of sex tourism
58. Contemporary Tourism-Trends and Challenges
59. Introducing Tourism Management in Academia
60. From culture to hybridity in international communication
Conference Proceedings:
All submitted conference papers will be blind peer reviewed by competent reviewers. The post conference proceedings with selected papers will be published in the ISSN Research Journal “Veethika”. VEETHIKA is a double-blind refereed International journal (ISSN: 2454-342X) aims to arm its readership with the latest research and commentary in all areas humanities, languages, management and social social sciences, with an informed, inter-disciplinary approach.
Important Dates:
• Last date for paper submission: 10th April, 2016.
• Paper Acceptance Notification: After one Week of Submission.
Event Manager
Miss Brooma Pathakji
Mobile: 09322140598
For Professional & Technical Support:
QTanalytics India
113, Rohini Complex
WA-107/121, Shakarpur


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