Saturday, 6 August 2011

Indian Institute of Advanced Study-Proforma for Associates

University Grants Commission

Inter-University Centre for Humanities and Social Sciences

Indian Institute of Advanced Study

Rashtrapati Nivas, Shimla – 171005

Indian Institute of Advanced StudyProforma for Associates

1.         Name, designation, official address and telephone number:

2.         Date of Birth:

3.         Caste (in case of Scheduled Cast/ Tribe and BC only)

4.         Academic Career (from Matriculation to M. Phil.):

(Affix passport size photograph) To be attested by the forwarding
authority (with seal)

Name of Examination or Degree
Examining Authority or University
Subject (s)

5.         Doctoral Work:

(a) Title of the Thesis:

(b) Name of the University: (c)  The year of award:
(d) The little, the publisher and the year, if published:

6.         Publications:

7.         Current research interest:

8.         Kind of Books you will expect to find in the Institute Library (a sample list to be attached:
9.         Primary purpose of visit:

(a) Completion or revision of doctoral work, (b) Writing of Research paper, or
(c) Formulation of Research Project

(Please attach a statement in 500 words detailing the purpose of your proposed visit)
10.       Month of proposed stay between April and November: (i)  First preference
(ii) Second preference

(iii) Third preference

11.       Teaching Experience:

12.       Whether the Institution is recognized by the U.G.C.:

I hereby declare that all the entries in the form are true. Place ……………………..
Date ………………………                                                            Signature (with date) All the entries in the application form are true and the applicant, if selected,
will be granted leave to pursue his/her studies at the IIAS, Shimla. Place………………………

Forwarding Officer


It would not be possible for the Centre to consider a candidate who does not submit all the in formation asked for. With the limited space available at present, only the Associate and not any of his or her family members can be accommodated at the IUC. Teachers selected Associates will come to the IUC for a period of ranging from one to three months. They would continue to draw salaries from their own institutions, but the IUC will defray the traveling expense and pay maintenance allowance of Rs. 200/- per day. The average expense on board and lodging at the IUC comes to about Rs. 3000/-a month.

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