Thursday, 28 October 2010



Prophet Mohammad tried to formulate a religion and state starting from Medina and left a huge community composed of several hundreds of lacs of adherent's faith in his doctrine and furthering the basic pursuit.
'Quran' is a code of human conduct depicted basically and fully for perfection of human behaviour.It teaches that life of world and thereafter is a single entity, manifestation of belief in God and life on the other hand is gift of God.Righteousness is chord of our conduct as said in 'Quran' and 'Sunnah' explains the do's and dont's for all of us.We have to be positive and dynamic, when there is doubt we should concentrate and try to imitate God.To implement it properly we should acquire knowledge as a matter of duty, continue to expand it and utilize it for our own welfare as well as welfare of the society and mankind.This is how Islam aims at establishing society, free of malice and hatred, disruption and imbalance, inequality and disparity, in which man could live in harmony with his creator and creation.

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