Thursday, 28 October 2010

Real Meaning of Islam

Islam is the name of belief in one God, five prayers everyday, fast of Ramadan every year, one journey in life to Mecca and paying poor due.It is important to understand life and teachings of Mohammad, the last prophet of mankind who exhibited all that by comprehensive behaviour in this world before the masses and contemporary.
According to Islam, death is temporal transmigration of the soul, of eternity.Life of this world thus our present life is no end in itself but a means to something higher in pursuit.Only humans are bestowed by morality amongst all the plants and creatures because humans are made of matter and soul which is conscious element.No act can be called moral unless it is conscious and confirms with moral authority, as given in "Quran".Personal motives govern an act but it is sure that actions will be judged according to intentions, as Prophet declared very clearly.This is real meaning of Islam.

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