Wednesday, 8 August 2012

National seminar on Hindi blogging held

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National seminar on Hindi blogging held

KM Agrawal College, Kalyan, organised a unique two- day national seminar on Hindi blogging. The two-day-long University Grant Commission (UGC)-sponsored seminar was held on December 9-10 in the college's library.
Manish Mishra, faculty and one of the main organisers, said: “It was the first such seminar on blogging in Hindi with pan- India participation.“
The event was spread out in a total of six gripping techni- cal sessions over these two days.
Many reputed bloggers from across India participated and many presented their views on the new mode of communica- tion -- its achievements and possibilities.
“Well-known poet Damodar Khadse, the working president of Hindi Sahitya Akademi of Maharashtra state, inaugurat- ed the seminar. He spoke on the wonderful medium of blogging and its immense possibilities in today's age of social media.
Other speakers from the field like Ravi Ratlami, Vijay Pandit, Vidya Bindu Singh and Ramji Tiwari also addressed the crowd,“ added Mishra.
The welcome address was given by the college principal, Dr Anita Manna.
The other highlight of the programme was the release of a book edited by Mishra on Hindi blogging and webcasting of all the sessions live on the Internet. The webcasts could be seen around the world, thus making it a unique web-enabled liter- ary programme of great intel- lectual value to the internet users, general viewers and reg- ular surfers

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