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हमारी संस्था के काम को जब टाइम्स आफ इण्डिया ने सराहा

हमारी संस्था के काम को जब टाइम्स आफ इण्डिया ने सराहा  
               संस्कृति संगम संस्था के माध्यम से श्री विजय भाई पंडित के साथ हमलोग जो भी काम कर रहे है ,उसे प्रिंट मीडिया के माध्यम से सराहा गया . देखिये क्या लिखते है डॉ.सुनील शर्मा जी इस संस्था के बारे में टाइम्स आफ इण्डिया में
 Sanskriti Sangam promotes solidarity and secularism through culture

Dr Sunil Sharma Kalyan  

“The very act of remembrance is important to me. In this high tech age, very few busy folks will do such a personalised thing for others and decide to spend quality time with those who are not even remotely related to them. It is real remarkable in a society heading for collective amnesia.
Kaka Hardas greeted by well wishers
Their humane gesture shows that emotions do count in relationships for some.”  In fact, this can serve eminently as a manifesto for the Kalyan-based ten year-old Sanskriti Sangam (SS), an apolitical and non-profit organisation being run by a couple of well-meaning and well-known Kalyankars.
“Spreading harmony and secular values through our cultural platform is the main motto. We organise a big birthday bash for our members and if that is not immediately possible, we make it a point to visit the birthday boy or girl at their residence and add to the joy and fun by participating in the festivities with the family. Their welcoming smiles are our prized moments of shared happiness,” elaborates the vivacious president of the Sangam, Vijay Pandit, the key architect of this unique concept.
“While travelling, we often celebrate birthdays even on a plane, train, bus or car. The presence of that person is of course ensured. We carry all the paraphernalia and greet the surprised person and then, cut a cake and hand over a memento to him,” further explains Omprakash Pandey, another senior member.
So far, they have celebrated more than 10,000 birthdays in the last one decade and plan to continue that in future also. That is one activity. “We also inform people of the demise of our members or bereavement in their families through hundreds of SMSes. Majority turn up in this hour of crisis for the affected member and try to reach out by helping in whatever way possible,” says the multi-faceted Pandit who runs many other organisations in the city.
The SS has grown now into a close-knit collective of members drawn from various backgrounds and communities. There are Maharashtrians, Punjabis, Sindhis, North Indians and Muslims — all united by their love for arts, literature and music. “When people retire, we felicitate them. The artistes and writers get honoured annually.
There are musical events, poet symposia and folk song evenings for light entertainment. Top rankers and poor students are also honoured and helped economically,” says Pandit. Blood donation drives are held regularly. And, most important, struggling writers and poets are given financial assistance through the organization and their promising works, published.
“They are like fresh air in a polluted urban jungle and a hope for the threatened secularism for the country,” believes the celebrated poet Alok Bhattacharya of Dombivli.
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