Monday, 25 May 2009


Second addition of IPL was successful very very successful at that but the closing ceremony was complete spoiler of sort .Why I am saying that ?
It was a great opportunity for BBCI and managing committee of IPL to show Indian culture and Indian artist on International platform . Isn`t it a Indian tournament ?
Indian DJ also could have done English songs yes given that it was held in South Africa some of the local artist should also have been used .But what Mr. Flamboyant Modi did was a complete dampener .His heart is not in right place I presume but we have to know it before when he shifted it to south Africa .
Second thing worth mention is Otha ceremony of Ministers by president .Only two Minister
took oath in Hindi Mr. Sharad pawar and Mr. Kamal Nath why?
Lets assume that few of them are not fluent in Hindi but isn``t being cabinet Minister from at lest 5 years as most of them were they should have learn ed Hindi and what about other ministers who speaks Hindi well but still preferred English why?
Why didn`t they took lesson from Mrs. Sonia Gandhi who learn ed Hindi or it is of no importance for a cabinet minister to know our Raj Bhasa ? Where these people are leading us and Why there in no hue and cry in any news paper or in electronic media ?Yes many of them could have taken oath in there mother tongue but why in English ? Did we need such politician in our midst who don`t respect there country or who`s heart is not at right places?

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